Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Blog Swap!

Hello lovelies,

Two days to Halloween, not long to go now! For all of you who asked about my new hair, I will be putting up a blog post very soon, I've just been struggling to get photos to do it justice and now I'm struggling for blogging time in between everything else, so please bear with me. :)

Today, I'm showing you the items I received in my Halloween swap! About three weeks ago, I was chatting with a few international beauty bloggers on Twitter and mentioned that I'd like to participate in a Halloween swap. As we were concerned that our packages wouldn't get to our international recipients in time, a few of us Melbourne based bloggers decided to host our own little 'secret' swap, which was kindly organised by the lovely Evelyn from Cotton Candy Diva. I was matched up with Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty, who I was also paired up with for the Australian Christmas in July blog swap earlier this year (read about it here). I received Jasmine's fantastic Halloween package last week, and here's what she sent me.

It all arrived packaged up adorably in orange tissue, and she thoughtfully decorated it with cute Halloween stickers too!

I was a little mystified to find this bubble wrapped bag, and opened it to find...

A bag of edible fake 'blood'! This really cracked me up! I was snickering so hard, I didn't even realise it was candy until a bit later (that you suck through the little 'drip').

Next up was this BYS Glow in the Dark polish. The formula is a little thick and gloopy, but I think it might be best applied over the entire nail, as opposed to used for nail art.

Jasmine also threw in these two gorgeous polishes from Ulta3. I really wish there was an Ulta stockist near me where I could pick up some of their makeup/polishes. The pharmacies near me only seem to have a rather disorganised bargain bin and the shades are never very nice. :(

The burnt orange shade, Fire, is surprisingly flattering on my skintone and applies like a dream, fully opaque in two coats. Black satin is a little thick but might be a one coater when applied over the entire nail.

As you can see, Jasmine really spoiled me with lots of candy as well, namely orange jellybeans and ghost drops, together with three cute little screme eggs (scream, instead of creme, geddit?). I've eaten one of the eggs and it was delish, with oozy green caramel inside. I'm going to share the lollies with my workmates on Wednesday, as I think I'll be on a serious sugar high if I ate them all myself.

Here's a quick snap of Jasmine's cute Halloween card.


And one last snap of the entire Halloween swap she sent me! I actually used the polishes Jasmine sent in my last Halloween manicure (which I just did today), so stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on that. :)

Thanks a lot, Jasmine, it was a lot of fun!

Remember how I said it was a 'secret' swap? Well, my recipient was Evelyn herself, and she got my parcel today, so do go visit her blog if you want to see what I bought her. :)

Are you getting into the Halloween spirit, lovelies? What will you be doing to celebrate?

Much love,


  1. Yay so happy you liked it! :D
    I have a place nearby that stocks Ulta3.. always happy to pick you up anything you need ;) hehe

  2. What a cute swap! I am going to bake a pumpkin pie and watch scary movies with my partner :D

  3. Awesome swap goodies! haha love the candy blood bag!...I have just published my swap post, so you can link directly to the post if you'd like ;) xo

  4. Look at all the candy! :D
    Great swap!

  5. Awww that's a great swap Nalini! Lots of candy :P

  6. What a great swap! The blood bag is hilarious!

  7. Hahahahaha what a great swap :) I love the theme blog swaps. Makes it so much fun to shop for!


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