Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun.

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are all well! I'm SICK! I think I've caught a cold from my colleague and it's set in with a vengeance. :( And here I was, hoping that the flu season would be over now that we're in spring!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this amazing new special effects topcoat from OPI, called The Man With The Golden Gun. It contains real, 18-karat gold leaf flakes embedded in a clear topcoat, which is why it's a little more expensive than normal, retailing at $40. I have to admit that the price tag did make me pause a little, it's probably the most expensive polish I own, but it's so unique, I couldn't resist!

This polish is part of the limited edition James Bond Skyfall range (named after the most recent movie) released to commemorate 007's 50 year anniversary on the big screen, which is why it's packaged in a special collector's box! My only gripe about the gold bottle, is it makes it really hard to see how much polish you have left in the bottle, and if the flakes have settled towards the bottom of the bottle. It's also so reflective, you can see my reflection in it! Quite frankly though, this is a gorgeous range; I'm in love with most of the polishes and really would like to pick a few more up (they have the best names as they are all named after Bond movies)!

Caution, lots of photos ahead!

I wanted to share some photos of this topcoat to show you all how gorgeous it is. I had a bit of a play over several different colours (but didn't photograph it), and as expected, it looks stunning when paired with a contrasting colour, but it's also a really pretty way to dress up a subtle manicure. The flakes are a bit more sparse than I expected, but it's still possible to get great coverage by gently rolling the bottle between your hands between each application. I also found that it was best not to 'wipe' the brush off on the mouth of the bottle as you normally would before applying polish, as you tend to wipe off most of the flakes before putting it on your nail. You can also go back and add in flakes where you have bare spots.

I'm wearing three coats of The Man With The Golden Gun over two coats of Rimmel Black Cherries, and I can't stop staring at my nails, it's such a pretty manicure!

I planned to take a few more photos of this polish over different base polishes to show just how stunning it is, but being sick has set me back a little! Stay tuned for more posts soon!

I bought mine from David Jones, but I have also heard that it's available from Petra, Hairhouse Warehouse and nail salons stocking OPI polishes. Did you know that Myer has now begun stocking OPI polishes? I was so excited to see that, but the problem is they seem quite behind on their collections, as they only have the Dutch Collection in stock.

What do you think, lovelies? Will you be loving it, or leaving it? Are you keen on getting any of the other shades?

I'm eyeing Golden Eye, Casino Royale, Live and Let Die and The World Is Not Enough! You can view the colours in the range, here and on Plastic Diaries blog, here.

Much love,


  1. Love it, but $15 is my limit for nail polish...i will pay $20 for OPI if there's a colour i just HAVE to get though heheh.

    It looks amazing! Love the packaging too...it just screams Luxury xo

  2. Wow, what a stunning effect! I'd be constantly staring at my nails too :)

  3. I was initially thinking of picking it up but I have since changed my mind :) I do want Golden Eye though!

  4. I want it...dammit! I wish it was at Myer. I have a $10 bday voucher there so at least it would feel a bit more reasonable at $30!!

  5. Wow that's hot!! I can see that going well with dark reds too.

  6. I want this polish so bad! It's just such a lovely top coat and it reminds me of gold leaf! Looks stunning on you :)

  7. I HAD to have this - and I managed to get it before all the David Jones sales assistants cleared the shelf!

  8. This is such a fun luxe purchase :) The gold flakes look so pretty against the contrasting base. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I think I will have to give in and get this! Birthday present to myself! ;)

  10. Its such an awesome concept for a polish, I am actually quite surprised no one else has done this before!


  11. It does look amazing and beautiful! but it's like $75 here (in New Zealand) and I don't know if I can justify that!... but perhaps I could treat myself...

  12. Oh it is absolutely beautiful! So stunning and I love the gold flecks. A great purchase if I may say so myself X

  13. This is so pretty! :) I'm not a huge gold fan on me, however, so that's why I'm going for the other polishes in this range! Apparently they are on their way so I'll blog about it soon! Did you make an order in the end? :)

    Have a great weekend! X

    Sarah (@ a beautiful story)

    Ps. Posting as anon because my iPad doesn't work with the name/URL option anymore. This is a problem I'm having with all Blogger blogs! :(

  14. This review has convinced me to purchase this incredibly expensive polish which is quite an achievement! So thank you! It looks absoulutely incredible on your nails and particularly with that colours. I don't even like gold that much but I'm entranced by this colour! There's nothing out there like it so I think I will have to part with my money and go and get myself one ASAP! What luxurious packaging too!

    Really enjoying reading through your blog, always love finding a fellow aussie blogger! Now following you and look forward to reading lots more!

    xx Kate


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