Sunday, February 3, 2013

Product Rave: Bobbi Brown Lip Liner & Creamy Matte Lip Color.

Hi lovelies!

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I'm suddenly noticing matte lipsticks everywhere! I think we're experiencing a revival of the eighties (?), where matte lipstick was reigning king. I'm planning on doing a post soon on matte lipsticks and the best way to wear them as they seem to be the new trend, but for now, I'm going to share my rave review of the new Bobbi Brown creamy matte lipsticks, as promised in a previous post.

In my illness induced haze, I somehow managed to leave out lip pencils while packing for my trip back to KL, so I made a quick trip to Bobbi Brown to pick up a lip pencil (I chose a nude pink called Brownie Pink). While I was there, I also picked up one of the lovely new creamy matte lip pencils (I selected Razzberry, a bright raspberry shade). I love Bobbi Brown, it's one of my favourite high(er) end brands, and the products are always of fantastic quality. I'd been lusting after one of these creamy matte lipsticks since it was released a few months ago, so I jumped at the chance to treat myself to a little pick-me-up (silver lining to being sick).

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color and Lip Liner.

Top: Sharpener, Creamy Matte Lip Color in Razzberry.
Bottom: Lip Liner in Brownie Pink.

Lip Liner in Brownie Pink and Creamy Matte Lip Color in Razzberry.

Lip Liner in Brownie Pink on the left,
Creamy Matte Lip Color in Razzberry on the right.

Bobbi Brown Lip Liner.

The shade I chose is a pretty nude pink that's really a 'my lips but better' (MLBB) shade, so it goes beautifully with all my lipsticks. I love how smooth, pigmented and long-wearing it is, it always leaves a pretty stain behind. I also like that a free sharpener is included in the package for convenience! For tips on how to wear lip liner, visit my post on four ways with lipstick.

Sleek, elegant and slim-line design.
Comes with a free sharpener, so you will never have to worry about sharpening it!
Creamy and non-drying, yet manages to be long-lasting at the same time.
Seems to prevent feathering or color sinking into the lines in your lips.
Comes in a variety of shades (8 shades) for versatility.
Contains 1g of product so it should last a fair while.

Retails for $43, which is a little pricy, but it is quite long-wearing so you should get quite a lot of use out of it.
This is a matter of personal choice but I'd prefer if it was a wind-up pencil to eliminate the need for a sharpener. You do, however, get a more precise application with the current design.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color.

I am absolutely loving this lipstick!!! Razzberry is a pretty raspberry shade that's gotten me lots of compliments. I can't get enough and am sorely tempted to get a few more shades. It totally lives up to its promise in being creamy as my lips never feel dry while wearing it, and believe me, that's quite an accomplishment for someone with chronically dry lips! Not only is it very comfortable to wear, but the color is smooth, pigmented and really lasts (even through eating and drinking), and leaves a very pretty stain behind once it wears off (I've found that applying a light gloss over the remaining stain also looks gorgeous).

Elegant, sleek and slim-line tube design, meaning it will take up very little room in your lipstick drawer!
Creamy, non-drying and smooth, making it very comfortable to wear. Most importantly, the color doesn't sink into the lines into your lips.
Provides long-lasting color, leaving a pretty stain behind on fading.
Comes in a variety of gorgeous, flattering shades including nudes, reds, corals and brights (there are 14 shades in all).
Contains 3.6 g of product, which is quite generous.

Retails for $44, which may seem pricy, but you use so little product with each application, it should last ages!

Last but not least, I leave you with some photos. I wore these two products for a pool party, teaming a strapless blue frock with simple makeup, then adding a pop of colour with Razzberry on the lips (I applied Brownie Pink underneath for a good base).

For more information, click here to read about the Bobbi Brown Lip Liner and here to read about the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color. It's actually a fantastic time to invest in one of these (if not both), as there is currently a Valentine's Day promotion on the official website, offering free standard shipping, a free Rich Brown Eye Palette and Extreme Party Mascara deluxe sample! Click here to visit the website, but don't dawdle, as it only runs until the 7th of February 2013!

What do you think of these products, lovelies? Are you keen on matte lipsticks? Do you think you'll be taking up this generous offer? I have to confess I'm very tempted to pick up this offer!

Much love,


  1. I have always loved Bobbi Brown products and these look gorgeous. I love the Razzberry lipstick on you - it really suits your colouring and gives your whole face a lift. Glad to see that even though you have been ill that you managed to get a bit of beauty shopping in :-)

    1. Thank you, Kate, I must say Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands as it seems to go very well with my coloring!

      It's actually one of the first beauty products I bought after surgery!


  2. I love a good matte lipstick. There's so many new formulas at the moment, but this definitely sounds like one worth trying.

    The colour looks so pretty on you!

    1. Definitely, it's all the rage, currently!

      You must try this, it's the best matte lipstick by far that I've tried.

      Thank you!


  3. I've heard alot of good reviews on the Creamy Matte Lipsticks, im debating whether to go in and treat myself :P

    1. You certainly must, Alina! I've been wanting one since it first came out and it was well worth the wait! The most creamy, non-drying matte lippie I have tried ever!


  4. Such a pretty lip color. Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands x

    1. Thank you, Coco, they certainly are a fantastic brand! :)

  5. You are lookin' smokin' in that dress! Love Razzberry on you, that was actually the shade I swatched the other day and I think I like it better on your skin tone than mine. I am going to get one of the lippies in this formula, have heard such great things about them!

    1. Aw, thank you, gorgeous!

      I love Razzberry, I'm actually seriously considering getting another shade!

      They are definitely the smoothest matte lipsticks I have ever tried.

  6. Razzberry is a gorgeous colour on you :)

  7. I've never tried BB make up. It's on my wishlist, but it kinda expensive :(


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