Thursday, February 23, 2012

February I Love This Box Review!

Hello lovelies!

I'm completely behind on my blogging, I actually received this last week but things have been so crazy, I haven't had time to blog about it! I've been trying to declutter my flat, I haven't been home for the past couple of weekends, so I ended up taking an extra day off to spring clean and also just to catch up on my rest/chores. It was great! I think I should definitely take more 3 day weekends, the only downside is I'm now swamped at work!

So on to the February ILTB, my first impression when I lifted this box, was a bit of surprise at how heavy it was. I was also really impressed to peel back the lid and find some gorgeous red wrapping paper/padding, it was such a lovely touch for the love themed box! Almost all the items in the box were either red/pink, which I think went really well with the whole theme, too. :)

Anyway, without too much ado, here is what I received:

Keratinology overnight treatment (full sized)

Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume sample (this is a deluxe sample but it's the prettiest I've seen!)

Nail file (with pretty pink hearts on it - full sized)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss and Stay lip gloss in Colours of Love (full sized)

The Aromatherapy Co - Rose and Patchouli Sensual/Soothing Bath and Shower Gel (full sized)

A bag of little red jelly beans

Here are some photos:

Gorgeous red packaging to fit this month's theme.

Everything was packed/padded nicely.

L-R: Rimmel lipgloss, nail file, jelly beans, Red Door sample,
Keratinology overnight treatment and Aromatherapy Co
shower gel.

Click on the photo to see pricing/size details for each item.

With four of the samples being full sized, I think ILTB totally spoilt us this month! I love how beautifully packaged and coordinated this month's samples were in relation to the Valentine Day theme, so once again, I think ILTB have done brilliantly well!

I've heard great things about the Keratinology range, and I've actually been dying to try the shampoo/conditioner I received in my first box, except I have the keratin treatment in my hair and I'm not allowed to use shampoos containing SLS (I have a feeling I'm going to wait a month and then give in, though), so I was happy to receive a Keratinology product I could use now! I was quite happy to receive the overnight treatment as I'm really fond of leave in treatments and will be alternating this one with my Pantene overnight treatment. I've always thought Red Door was a classic, if somehow suited for an older target audience, but I don't mind giving this a shot...who knows, I might find a new favourite! :) The sample is really quite unique as it's got a spray mechanism, so this makes it super handy for travelling with.

As for the Rimmel lip gloss, I'm always happy to receive any makeup product, and I'm especially keen to try this one as it's not available in stores locally. I actually really like the Aromatherapy Co Rose and Patchouli products, I was using their body lotion for a while but unfortunately left it behind the last time I travelled overseas. As we all know, I am a big nail polish fan, and often do my own nails, so a nail file will always come in handy. Particularly a girly, pretty pink file with hearts on it! And last but not least, jelly beans will never go astray!

VERDICT? I loved this box and think it's really great value! I love that ILTB deliver great samples to our door for us to try every month, without any delays/packaging/shipping issues, and there are always some great full sized samples in there! I will use each and every item in here, and I'm even excited to try the ones that I wouldn't normally have picked out for myself (like the lipgloss and the perfume), which is the whole point of subscribing to a sample box, if you ask me! I also love the effort they put into each themed box, and how they tie it all up nicely (like matching all red samples to the inner packaging) really is a lovely touch! I also think that it's great that all subscribers receive the same items, it's a lot fairer that way and so no one has to suffer from 'box envy'.

What did you think of this month's ILTB? Did you like what you got, if you subscribe to it?

Much love,


  1. ILTB feb was the first one i received and I loved it so much! I even ordered some more Rimmel kiss&stays (in more work appropriate colours) from overseas!
    Love it!

  2. I really love ILTB! The boxes have been pretty fun...I really must try my Rimmel gloss, I have yet to put it on!


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