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Guest blogging special by Beauty in a Bottle!

Hello lovelies!

Boy, do I have a fantastic treat for you. A few days ago, I had the zany (?) idea of trading guest blogging stints with fellow bloggers. One of my favourite beauty bloggers, Ms Beauty in a Bottle, decided it sounded like a fun idea, and so we decided to do a quick stint guest blogging on each other's blogs! So, without further ado, please give her a warm welcome as you read her blog post below on make up tips for pale skin! 


Hi, all you lovely readers,

Today I am doing a guest post for the lovely MM. She came up with a great idea of getting bloggers to do a special post on another bloggers site, so you can get a different voice and get to read someone else’s opinions and knowledge. I blog over at Beauty In A Bottle. My blog is on everything and anything that related to beauty.

As great as it would be to try every product/style/colour out there, certain things just won’t work. So my post is going to be about pale skin. The lovely MM has gorgeous skin but it’s hard for her to trial products made for pale skin. Just like I can’t try products for darker skin!

So here are some important things to know about pale skin tones…

Red doesn’t always look cool

When your skin is pale, redness is much more noticeable. It is also much harder to conceal. You can either cancel or conceal the redness. To try and cancel it out, use green. Natio, Clinique and Napoleon Perdis all do great redness concealers. Unless it is a green based moisturiser, don’t put it all over your face, as they are usually thick and therefore much harder to conceal if it is ALL over your face.

Try not to do anything to your face that will cause more redness. If you want to exfoliate, either use a gentle one, or if you still go red no matter what products you use, exfoliate at night.

Cate Blanchett.

Ace Your Base

Always make sure you protect your skin by using a sunscreen. Fair skin is much more sensitive, and you will get burnt easily. Even if you might not be playing in the sun, you still get sun exposure from being in a car, walking from the train station into work or getting your lunch at a nearby café.

If you don’t like foundation, tinted moisturisers and BB creams are fantastic for evening up your skin tone. They aren’t heavy, or obvious, but just make your skin look that bit more even toned.

Emma Stone.


Most colours will look great on a pale complexion. The only colour to steer clear away from is yellow and red as it can make you look like you’re sick or have blood shot eyes. If you want to perk up your complexion, a pop of a blue based eye shadow looks great. Colours like aqua and lavender look amazing and help to brighten up the skin. A soft smokey eye looks great in browns, navy or charcoal.

Evan Rachel Wood.


Make sure you don’t apply bronzer on with a heavy hand. You don’t want to look like you are going to a dress up party as Snookie! Either apply a soft coloured Bronzer, or use a face tanner to give you a bit more colour. Just remember to make sure the rest of your body also has tanner on.

Rachel McAdams.


Always make sure you have blush on. It doesn’t have to be a loud colour, just a soft colour will give your face a nice glow and stop you from looking washed out. A tint is great for a sheer colour. Soft peaches/apricots and pinks look natural but beautiful against pale skin.

Leighton Meester.


Since colour looks striking against pale skin, go crazy with any colour you want on your lips.

But there are two things to remember….

Firstly always exfoliate your lips, especially if they are your focal point. Secondly if you want a “nude” lip, always make sure it has a pink tinge otherwise you will look washed out and have no colour on the bottom half of your face.

All you pale skinned girls, what are your favourite looks to wear? Do you embrace being pale, or hide it under a (fake) tan?

I really hope you enjoyed todays guest post!



Wow, that was a fantastic post on make up tips for pale skin, thank you so much for contributing, Beauty in a Bottle! I do hope y'all enjoyed reading her tips, do hop on over to her blog and check things out, she has some wonderful tips to share!

Much love,


  1. I love this post soooo much. Thank you for doing this. I have pale skin which I embrace, but because my family and friends are all darker than me (yep im THAT pale) I have never known what to do with it.
    Great points about redness and concealer, i have always been frightened to try bright lips though.

    1. I'm glad you liked it Jasmine :) And definitely try bright lips. They are great! maybe try lip glosses first as they aren't as intense. Then when you feel comfortable, move onto lipsticks :) XO

  2. Jasmine, you should definitely give it a go! As Beauty in a bottle said, try giving a gloss a try first.

    Or alternatively, maybe try a lipstain as you can build the colour up slowly. :)

  3. Thank you ladies. Ill try it.

    You're a good team too, may I say. I follow you both :)

  4. Thank you very much, was great fun, you might be seeing a repeat again soon. ;)


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