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February Lust Have It Box Review!

Hi lovelies,

This won't be as long a review as I'd like, because I'm beyond exhausted. I've been away all weekend at my company annual technical seminar in Sydney. We're literally rushed up there on Friday night, given activities/presentations ALL day on Saturday, given an hour off to prepare for dinner (which is a ten-fifteen minute walk from where we stay), and then repeat it all again on Sunday before being rushed back to Melbourne in the evening. Spending all weekend with a bunch of engineers, scientists and geologists is always interesting...but I'm completely tuckered out from lack of sleep so I'm actually planning on hitting the sack soon.

I just wanted to share my February Lust Have It box with you. It arrived on Thursday last week but I just didn't have time to blog as I had to pack for the weekend trip away. We didn't receive a box last month as the folks at LHI decided to take a break to improve their service, so this is the first box for 2012.

First, let's take a quick look at some photos.

The design has changed slightly, it never used to have a butterfly before.

(Click to read the itemised listings and pricing of each item.)

Skincare tips for each age group.

L-R: Taut collagen mask, Davroe lemongrass detangler, Lush sugar scrub,
Rose Lavender hand and nail repair cream, and Lancome
Juicy Tube lip gloss.

Close up of the sugar scrub, lipgloss and nail cream.

Collagen mask and the detangling spray.

As you can see from the photos, I received a Lancome juicy tube lipgloss (no idea what colour this is as there isn't a name, but everyone seems to have gotten the same shade, so at least you won't be envious of anyone else's colour), a Davroe detangling spray, a tiny sample of hand cream from Rose Lavender, a Lush sugar scrub and a Taut Collagen mask.

Lancome were one of the first brands to come up with decent glosses and the Juicy Tubes gained quite a cult following, however, they have sort of lost some of the appeal in the past few years. While I've used it in the past, I haven't used it recently so it will be interesting to see how it compares. As for the Collagen mask, I actually already have a sample of this as I won one of a little quiz that LHI did on their FB page a few months ago, which I have yet to use! I really need to start using some of my products! I'm looking forward to giving myself a pamper evening someday this week, and I'll be using this to see if it really does make me feel any different.

The hand cream is the only product I've tried from the box thus far, and I quite like the scent (although I wasn't expecting to as I'm not a huge fan of rose products), but it's such a tiny sample! Still, I love hand cream so it's a good size to pop in my handbag or in a clutch purse. It really sinks into your skin beautifully, so your hands feel wonderfully moisturised without a greasy or heavy feel afterwards. The scent is also quite lovely as it's not too overpowering. I'm quite glad I put this on before I went to bed, I feel more relaxed now!

I think the item I'm most excited about is the detangling spray, I've been seriously considering getting one lately so this will give me a chance to see if I actually need one. I've heard good things about Davroe but never tried their products, so this sample arrived at a good time! As for the sugar scrub, I might give it a go one of these days when I have a bit of time free.

VERDICT? I liked this box, although I wasn't hugely excited by it. The only thing I'm truly excited about trying is the detangler, but I will get some decent use out of every other item in this book so it's terrific value. I do wish that the LHI boxes came with slightly nicer packaging, it seems very lackluster after all the beautiful boxes we receive from the other companies. I will admit that I'd rather decent contents in an uninspiring box compared to a gorgeous box with lackluster contents, but I do think packaging adds to the whole experience and something about the LHI packaging is leaving me feeling a bit flat.

I've decided to drop a couple of boxes this month, as it will give me a chance to use the samples I have been collecting, and also because I'm starting to get box boredom. The only problem will be deciding which ones to keep, as it's so hard to pick between the different brands! I like them all for these reasons:

Lust Have It - Arrives promptly every month without any drama, and every subscriber receives the same items so no one is subjected to box envy. Not sure about their customer service as I've never had to contact them! Only problem is I'm not as crazy over the brands as I am over some of the brands other boxes offer, so I've had mixed feelings over some of the items I've received from LHI.

I Love This Box - FANTASTIC customer service, great value in each box thus far, great packaging and the boxes have been really fun, I've loved the items from each box I've received thus far.

Bellabox - Also great customer service, great value in each box (I have LOVED at least one item from each box this far), but I was a bit disappointed in the last box. I like but don't love the brands associated with them.

Glossybox - Oh, where do I begin...consistently problematic EVERY SINGLE MONTH, with atrocious customer service, although this has improved a great deal in the past one month. All the same, I have had trouble with each box I've received, and have yet to receive my February box or tracking notice despite others having received theirs days ago. Also very disappointed because everyone seems to receive different items, so there is unfair loading with some people getting fabulous boxes and others receiving crappy items. I love the brands associated with them but shoddy service is really going to sway me away from continuing my subscription. My February box is definitely going to be the deciding factor with this subscription.

I'm going to make my decision after I receive all my boxes for the month, so stay tuned to see what I finally decide to do.

What did you think of the box? Would you choose a box based on loyalty or based on the brands it's associated with?

Much love,


  1. i think choosing boxes basing on brands is what i would go after, cos you would assume that each box is good.. right? i think i preferred the brands that glossybox is associated with, but as everyone says.. their customer service is horrid.. :(

  2. I'm just as confused as you about who to stay with. I like LHI but don't love them. I love Bellabox was wasn't overly impressed last month, Glossybox is so hit and miss. When they get it right the box is great, but when they get it wrong it is terrible. I'm thinking of giving them another month or two to see if they can work it out. Maybe then a whole heap of people will unsubscribe and then we will all get good boxes hahahaha. I LOVE LLTB. They keep getting better and better. I love beauty basket and have 1 more month left with them, so I'll see what the basket is like then make a decision.

    I'm thinking LHI and maybe GB will be going in the next month or two.

  3. Brandsssssssss for sure :) Great blog :)
    Visit mine when you get time:

  4. Well, if I were to choose by brands it would be Glossybox...but it's not like I'm even getting the brands because the box contents are so uneven in distribution!

    Amy, like you, I love ILTB!

  5. Lancy, thanks for popping by, I'll be visiting yours later today!

  6. I've had two glossybox so far and have been so disappointed with both of them that i've cancelled. Got my first ILoveThisBox and was so impressed by it that I'll definitely keep it.
    How many are you thinking of sticking with?

  7. I can't believe you were in Sydney and I didn't know=)

    I was happy with my Lust Have It Box because I will be using all the products. I am also thinking of dropping some boxes but I can't make up my mind... xx

  8. MissV, I'm thinking I'm going to keep 2...just to give myself a chance to actually use some of the stuff from previous boxes. I need to declutter!

    Ingrid, I'd definitely have looked you up if I'd been there 'properly' but they rushed us from the airport to the venue, kept us busy almost every minute of the time we were there, and then rushed us back to the airport on Sunday! :( I've been going to Sydney every year for the past 5 years and I still see nothing each time I go. :P I've been there a few years ago but I so want to make a trip just to wander around!


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