Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oops, I hauled again...

Hello lovelies,

Just a quick little post to show you all my haul which arrived yesterday! A week ago I was stalking visiting one of my favourite nail bloggers, More Nail Polish, and I noticed she had some gorgeous franken polishes for sale! So I sent her an email and asked if I could purchase two shades, and she threw in an extra mini bottle of the third shade for free when she mailed them to me! What a sweetheart! I completely love these polishes (I'm wearing one as I type this) and I'll be showing all of you how gorgeous they are in a post very soon (as soon as I can get some decent photos in daylight).

So I received three polishes from her yesterday, and also my shipment from Crush Cosmetics! I have been looking for some really colourful eyeshadows, and the Beauty UK ones caught my eye as they were really affordable (at $8 each, win!). I also wanted to buy a couple of blushes so I put them all in the same order and Crush threw in an additional liner/shadow palette for free! Very, very happy with customer service, it all arrived within 2 days of ordering and I only paid $9.20 for express shipping. Plus, the shadow/liner palette isn't even on sale yet!

Let's have a look at some photos!

The polishes arrived in perfect condition, wrapped in lots of bubble wrap!
(Thank you so much, Kathy, I love them!)

Crush Cosmetics shipment 

Wrapped well in bubble wrap with foam beads for extra padding.

The complete haul! L-R: Nyx bronzer/blush combo in Sunrise in Bali,
Beauty UK shadow/liner palette in Amazon, Sleek blush in rose gold,
Beauty UK palette #6 in Soho Bright and Beauty UK palette #2 in
Day and Night.

Nyx bronzer/blush combo in Sunrise in Bali on the left,
 Sleek blush in rose gold on the right.

Top left: Day and Night, top right: Soho Bright,
Bottom: Amazon palette.

I've already tried both blushers and they are gorgeous...the casing for the Sleek blush is beautiful, it's luxe and really, well, sleek! The only downside is it is slightly hard to open so you have to be careful not to break a nail. The Nyx bronzer is really sheer, which is surprising, but goes on very smoothly and the blush is simply gorgeous on!

I had a bit of a play around with the pinks from the Day and Night palette and thought I'd share this look. The pastel pink is quite pale and isn't very pigmented, so I applied it using a wet brush. The darker pink is really pretty and very pigmented, and it applies like a dream!

Apologies for the photo quality, I had to use flash as the lighting in my flat is terrible, and my skin looks really sallow and very shiny! I assure you it's not what it looks like normally!

With flash.

With flash.
With flash.

Without flash, just to prove I wasn't shiny and yellow, lol.

Without flash.

There you have it! The palettes are excellent value and I'm so happy I bought them. Have you tried Beauty UK before? Are you going to?

Much love,


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