Monday, September 17, 2012

AB Makeup Launch!

Hello lovelies!

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the official launch party of a new cosmetic line, AB Makeup, by Antoinette Bekos. To provide a little background, Antoinette has been a makeup artist for over two decades, with seven years experience as the Head of Hair and Makeup at Channel Ten. She's worked with countless celebrities, including the iconic Bert Newton, on shows like The Project, The Circle and Good Morning Australia.

The AB Makeup launch display.

I had the chance to have a little chat with her at her launch party, where she explained that she'd always wanted to develop her own line, and it had taken her seven years to develop her range to the extent that she was fully satisfied with it. The products were all cosmetics that she had come up with herself, and were manufactured in the US. While she had initially wanted to produce the cosmetics in Australia, she felt that the beauty industry in the US had a better fit and more experience with the cosmetics that she wanted to produce under her name, and thus, AB Makeup was born. AB Makeup products are not tested on animals, and Antoinette mentioned that they are often used by her own team of makeup artists at Channel Ten. In fact, she considered them the first test and only once she had their stamp of approval did she deem the products were ready for the general market.

I got a photo with the lovely and very knowledgeable Antoinette.
(note our matching red lipstick/nails)

I also got a photo of Antoinette with her lovely PR manager,
 Sofie from Fame PR.

The launch was a lovely party to celebrate Antoinette's achivement, where guests had the chance to mingle with the lovely Antoinette and also have a little bit of a play with the new makeup range. Sofie, her PR manager from Fame PR, was lovely and really made me feel welcome, which is a wonderful thing to experience at a launch party where you don't know anyone!

Quite frankly, I have to say that the products are quite stunning in terms of their colour range (I think there will be something for everyone, regardless of their colouring) and they also feel quite lovely on the skin (I had a little feel of the primer and foundation).

Let's take a look at some of her products, shall we?

She had five super glosses, eight liquid lustre glosses and ten lipsticks. She also had some lip pencils/liners from her automatic/slim line range.

The AB Makeup lip product range.

Super glosses to the left, lustre glosses in the middle,
and lipsticks on the right. Lip pencils/liners are at the back.

Close up of the lip pencils/liners.

Antoinette mentioned that the only mineral products in her range were the mineral sheer bronzer, mineral photo touch concealer and the mineral liquid foundation. She also has a skin transforming liquid foundation (although I couldn't find this listed on the website), powder foundation and a powder baked bronzer in her collection.

The face products and brushes in the AB Makeup collection.

The baked finish powder bronzer.

Trying for an artsy shot with the
 powder foundation.

The mineral liquid foundation with

Skin transforming liquid foundation
with SPF15.

There was also a lovely buffet of nibbles set out at the launch party, with some adorable chocolate and red velvet mini cupcakes.

Last but not least, each guest left with a little goodie bag full of interesting items, as pictured below. I was really excited to see a lipstick and a gloss from the AB Makeup range, in addition to a voucher for a photo studio, a handmade macaron from Little Feat (most delish macaron I've tasted in a while, and believe me, I'm obsessed with them), a bar of coconut and goji chocolate produced by Pana Chocolate and a Wine Wipes sample (excellent when you're drinking red wine and don't want a stain on your teeth).

The goodie bag from the launch party.

I can't comment too much on the lipstick and gloss as I haven't had a chance to trial them properly yet, but stay tuned for a review when I do!

AB Makeup lipgloss in Super Copper and lipstick in Micro Galaxy.

The range is currently only available for purchase through their website, as Antoinette wanted to maintain the exclusivity of the product, although it may later be available through other stockists.

Overall, while I haven't tried the products on properly, I must say that they do look quite appealing and I'm actually quite interested in trying some of the products like the retexturising face primer and the baked bronzer. The prices are also quite reasonable, ranging between $17 for a lipliner to about $41 for the mineral liquid foundation.

Do take a look at their website, lovelies, and let me know what you think. Do you think this range sounds interesting, and if so, are there any products in particular that catch your fancy?

Much love,


  1. Oh how FUN! The cupcakes look delicious, and I love the look of her products. Must check it out. I also think you got the cutest goodie bag ever, what more can a girl need other than a lipstick and chocolate? And wine wipes? Must get to it Xx

    1. They so were! I also love the goodie bag, and it was such excellent marketing as I'm planning a visit to Little Feat! The chocolate also sounds so interesting!

  2. The looked like an amazing event! My current obsession is with lip products, and these ones are ne exception, the colour range of the lippies looks great! Will be checking these out for sure!

    1. It was! I am obsessed with lipsticks too, but on a bit of a ban at the moment as I have too many open! -_-

  3. Looks like it was a great event! Great goodie bag...I'm obsessed with Macarons too! xo


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