Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Lust Have It Review!

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to the September LHI review! Now, if you've been following me for a while, you're probably wondering where the July and August LHI reviews are...well, the truth is I didn't do them! I was planning to but firstly my boxes came quite late and then I got really busy, so I never ended up doing them. Also, I think the excitement is waning slightly as I'm not as excited by the boxes as I used to be, but more on that later...

The August LHI box (the anniversary box since it had been twelve months since they launched) arrived in a pretty white box, instead of the coloured bags they had done previously, so I was a little surprised when I opened this month's September box to find a gorgeous silver bag with goodies from the Luxe and Luscious range (there are three all together, with the other two being Fun and Flirty & Bold and Beautiful). Here's what I received inside:

Aum Gentle Facial Foam Cleanser (sample)

YSL Opium Vapeurs De Parfum (sample)

Davroe Colour Senses Ends Repair (sample)

Morrissey Hand and Body Balm (sample)

Mirenesse Ace of Base (sample)

There was also a box of pretty pearl stud earrings from Style Rocks that annual subscribers received last month. Understandably, us long-term monthly subscribers who had been with them from the start felt a little short-changed, and after being inundated with feedback, LHI decided to upgrade all monthly subscribers to a VIP membership and included the earrings with this month's box for those who missed out.

On to the photographs;

September LHI Box - Silver!

All ze goodies.

(Click for pricing and more details)

L-R: Mirenesse concealer, Davroe Ends Repair,
Opium VdP perfume sample, Morrissey body/hand balm &
pearl stud earrings.

L-R: Concealer, Davroe ends repairs and
Aum cleanser.

L-R: Opium perfume sample and the cute Morrissey body balm.

Miscellaneous vouchers.

Pearl stud earrings from Style Rocks
(along with 25% off code)

The pearl stud earrings to celebrate LHI's 1st anniversary.

So what did I think of this month's box? Well, I've never tried Aum before so I'm quite interested in seeing how well this cleanser shapes up. I also like the sound of that Morrissey lotion, as it contains blood orange and lime extracts, and I love citrusy scents! I'm actually planning on slathering it on immediately after my hot shower today (which I'll be taking as soon as I finish this post)!

I've tried a few Davroe products now, all of which were in the last few boxes, so it will be interesting to try yet another one. So far I've liked but not especially loved the other Davroe products I've tried. I'm not especially enamoured of that Mirenesse concealer, I do like most of their makeup but I think this will be quite  unsuitable for my skintone, so I'm going to send it to a good home by giving it away.

That brings us to the last sample, the perfume vial. I love perfume samples so I'm always happy to receive more, particularly when it's not due to launch on Australian shores till October! I love when I get to trial something before the rest of Australia does! I have seen numerous complaints from other subscribers about perfume samples, with the explanation that they could get it for free from Myer/David Jones. Well, the thing is, you can try but you won't always be given the samples as they might not have it or they might not choose to hand them out. Furthermore, this is a perfume sample delivered right to your door that hasn't even been launched yet, so I'm quite pleased with this addition to my box. I do enjoy popping them in my bag for when I head out with just a clutch purse, it makes it so easy to touch up on the go. I've already spritzed some on my wrist and although it is a little mature/heavy than what I'd ordinarily wear, I do like the scent and I think it will go nicely for wearing out at night.

Last but not least, we got a voucher for a free styling product from Davroe, a voucher for $10 off Aum products when purchased at Myer (when purchasing two or more Aum products) and a voucher for a free makeover at YSL, which I'm quite keen on as I'd love to try more YSL products (we all know how much I love makeovers as they are not only fun but a great way to test out a product before purchasing and a chance to learn more about a brand).

Verdict? I quite liked this box and will probably use most of the samples (barring the Mirenesse concealer). I do think it's good value for money and I am pleased to try most of these samples, the only problem is I'm getting overrun with samples I haven't had a chance to use yet and rapidly running out of storage room! I'm also quite excited that we got a free makeover in this month's box!

What did you think, lovelies? Did you get a different box? Were you happy with yours?

Much love,


  1. Oh I'm bummed, I didn't get the earrings! Damn them!
    Otherwise, you got a great box! I definitely agree with you with the perfume samples, always happy to get them! :)

    1. Have you been signed up for 12 months? Perhaps you need to email them and ask for it!

      LOVE perfume samples. :) I have discovered some new favourite perfumes with them. :)

  2. Looks like a great box! Great review

  3. May i ask how old you are? It's just that i get the Fun and Flirty box (im 27) and i just don't particularly like it as much :/ LHI refuse to answer my question about which age groups receive which box :(

    1. Hello! I'm 29. :) I can't for the life of me figure out what the cut off is for each of the age groups!

  4. I haven't subscribed to ANY of these boxes because I can't decide what's best for me, but also I've got so much stuff already that I've become rather picky...

    1. Fair enough, I have a stockpile of samples that is steadily growing too! I must say I love this box was my favourite but then they closed down. :(

  5. I'm so sad I missed out on the earrings. I've been with them every single month except the very first box :( I love pearls. They are so stunning.

    I liked the box. Mine was a little different. I love the Mirenesse and the Davroe products. And I got a a Dermalogica product. The biggest downfall of the box was a green tea body lotion. Was really not a fan of it :(

  6. I can't understand why you didn't get them as well then Beauty in a Bottle. I got mine as a VIP... which kind of defeats the purpose if they are now not for VIPs since we hav yet to receive the promised extras. Regardless my ears are unpierced :D
    I already have this coloured bag from a previous box, so I am hanging out for say.. a red one :)
    LHI commented that the groupings are basically dependant on quantities they recieve, so you won't always get the same category (thats how I understood it... it's in reply to the question asked by a member).
    I wasn't unhappy with this box, but I am certainly jaded with the experience with the way their system now works.


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