Thursday, September 6, 2012

NOTD - Gold/black Cling Foil Nail Art!

Hello lovelies!

Apologies for the lack of blogging for the past few days, I have been on fieldwork (out on-site doing 10+ hour days in the cold, wet, windy weather of Melbourne) and I have been tuckered out by the time I get home.

Anyhow, I'm done with the outdoor work for this week and will be back to the office tomorrow, so I thought I'd celebrate with some girly nail art! Here are some photos of what I'm calling a cling foil (otherwise also known as saran wrap) manicure (together with some shoddy tutorial photos). I first heard about this on BeautyHeaven, when a BH user 'is2u' mentioned it. It sounded very intriguing so I decided to experiment a little.

Cling foil nail art using Revlon polishes.

I used Revlon Copper Crush for my base colour, and Revlon Lunar on top. Let's embark on my first (very simple) nail art tutorial, shall we? :)

Shades used in this manicure.

1. Begin by tearing off a length of cling foil, and then cut it into 10 pieces. You can experiment with sizing but I chose squares of about 4 x 4 cm. Lay them out neatly so you can pick them up gently without messing up your polish or getting them stuck on each other.

2. Start off with a layer of basecoat, and then apply a layer of your chosen base colour to each nail.

Revlon Copper Crush.

3. Once you've painted all your nails, give them a little time to dry (or cheat by using a quick dry topcoat), and then apply a thick layer of a second colour on the top (do this one nail at a time and follow steps 4-5). It's best to choose a colour  that creates some contrast with the base shade.

Lunar on thumb and Copper Crush on the others.

4. Take a square of cling foil that you prepared earlier and scrunch it up into a little rosette or ball. Leave it looking more like a lettuce head than a football, as you need the folds to create patterns in the polish. While the polish of your second colour is still wet/tacky, quickly dab the cling foil rosette over your nail to create patterns (the cling foil will 'pick' up the wet polish, and leave the base coat colour showing through). If you accidentally take too much off, just apply another dab of the top colour over it and dab again.

Try to scrunch it up into an uneven shape.

5. Repeat with all the nails! I would recommend using a different cling foil rosette for each nail to prevent cross transfer and having your manicure become very messy. At the end, use a cotton bud soaked in polish remover to clean up your cuticles if necessary (mine were quite clean so you shouldn't need to clean up too much).

This is what your cling wrap should look
like after dabbing it on your finger.

6. Add a topcoat to finish, and you're done, voila! Here are some photos of what I ended up with.

Tip: This manicure would also look amazing with a matte topcoat applied on top!

I think this manicure is really pretty and so very easy to do! Thanks again to 'is2u' for bringing it to my attention!

I hope you enjoyed that, lovelies, will you be trying that out at home? Would you all be interested in more tutorials?

Much love,

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  1. How cool! I never knew what cling foil nails were but now I do.
    And yes please to more tutorials :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by! I'll work on it. :)

  3. WOW this looks amazing, it's almost like a marbled finish! Lovely!

  4. I love how it turned out. I'd never heard of using cling foil for nail art before, but I'll definitely be giving this a go!

  5. Love this! I may just have to steal your idea and give this a go. Stunning :) x

  6. That's so creative! What a great idea! :)


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