Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Abundance of Nail Art - Blue/Green, Orange/Red and Metallic/Black Manicures!

Hi lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a nail art challenge hosted by one of my favourite websites, Beautyheaven! They had four weeks with different themes per week, and all you had to do was submit a mani fitting each theme. I love participating in challenges because it really gets your creativity flowing!

Week 1 was purple/pink so here's what I came up with.

Week 2 was green/blue, which I kinda struggled with, so I ended up going with light blue polish as a base with green stamping on the top. I did actually create another look but I decided I didn't like it so I wasn't going to share it!

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The theme for week 3 was orange/red, which I liked considerably better, so I came up with two different looks. One was a manicure using this technique, where I applied a pale coral polish as my base and then swirled an orange and red polish together over the top.

While the second was a dotticure! I used a pastel coral as my base, and applied orange/red dots in a half moon pattern. I think I should've made the half moon a bit more noticeable, though!

The last week was my favourite theme of all, black/metallic (i.e. gold/silver/bronze). Unfortunately, it was also the hardest one to photograph, for some reason! I designed the first look to be a bit more art deco, with a pale platinum base, black on top and freehand silver designs. To be honest, this was my favourite manicure of all and I wore it for days, as I didn't want to take it off!

Unfortunately, all good manis must come to an end, so I replaced it with this one, where I used the dry brush technique! I've fallen in love with that technique so brace yourselves to see lots more of that on the blog soon! This is just gold/copper over black, easy!

Ironically, it was the second mani that won the weekly challenge! I was fortunate enough to get picked as the winner for the metallic/black challenge, and won a few shades from the range. You can check out the gallery and vote for your favourite look to win the main prize, and the winner will win all the shades in the collection! I'm happy enough to have won what I have, so do vote for one of the extremely deserving ladies in the gallery! A word of warning though, they're extremely talented so you'll have a tough time on your hands.

Which one of these did you like the best, lovelies?

Much love,


  1. You are just so talented Nalini. I have no skill with nails whatsoever but I love seeing what talented girls like you come up with. I was SO pleased to see you as one of the winners in the weekly challenge and will head over to vote now. Good luck x

  2. Congrats on your most deserved win, hun. I loved seeing your nail art entries xx

    1. Thanks so much, Indie! I loved seeing all your looks too, all the best for the major prize win!

  3. I love the swirly look you've done with the red/orange & the black/gold. I don't quite get how you did it, but I guess that's the appeal.

    1. Hi there, they are both different techniques, actually! The how-to for the red/orange is linked above, while I used the distressed technique/dry brush technique for the black/gold. All you do is paint your base polish, and then grab the second shade, wipe off as much as you can on the neck of the bottle, and then gently swipe the remainder over the base. :) I might do a tutorial for that soon too!

  4. love the last one, the black and gold. and the dotticure looks gorgeous too!

  5. I always enjoy looking at your nail creations. I love all of them but that last one with the gold/copper would be ultimate favourite. Just looks luxurious.
    Congratulations on being a winner in one of the weeks at BH.......totally deserved :-)

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Mandy! I'm glad you enjoy them! :)


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