Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Introducing Tanda Modern, and a Review (Vanilla Hazelnut, Tahitian Lime & Coconut and Oak Moss & Amber Candles).

Hi lovelies,

If you're a candle lover like I am, you'll need to pay special attention to this post! I absolutely adore candles, they really add to the ambience at home and have great value as decorative pieces. My favourite types of candles are scented soy candles, because they burn cleanly, last a long time and have great throw (i.e. deliver a wider ranging scent). I've also always wanted to try wood wick candles because I'd heard they sound just like real fires!

All of this was why I was really excited when I discovered local Victorian company Tanda Modern. I have to confess a soft spot for Melbourne based products, it's always lovely to try products made locally! I was thrilled at the opportunity to try some of their handmade candles and soy melts, so let's take a look at them, shall we?

First of all, I loved the packaging; the glass jars were simple, yet elegant, and the grey boxes they arrived in were sturdy and classy in design. All of these arrived packaged in a much larger box with plenty of foam bubbles for protection.

Tanda Modern handmade candles and soy melts.
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Tanda Modern Medium candles in Vanilla Hazelnut, Tahitian Lime & Coconut and Small candle in Oak Moss & Amber.
Soy melts in Lavender, Cucumber & Sage and Lychee & Black Tea.

The Vanilla Hazelnut is a very warm scent, which has surprising depth to it from the hazelnut. I was expecting something sweet and warm, and while a touch of the sweetness is definitely there, it's prevented from being cloying by the hazelnut. I find this candle quite woodsy and very comforting. The throw was also quite reasonable, it's subtle but definitely something you notice when walking into the room. The scent is quite detectable to the nose even when the candle isn't lit.

The site describes the Oak Moss & Amber as a masculine scent, and I partly agree. Unlit, it's mysterious and sexy. When lit, I can definitely smell the amber, it reminds me of the base notes of a male cologne, but it's also got a surprising lightness from the floral scent that's woven into this candle. I've actually moved this into my bedroom as it's perfect for snuggling down into. This has the strongest throw out of all three candles.

Last but not least, the Tahitian Lime & Coconut. I expected this to be my favourite scent, and while it didn't disappoint, this was just a tiny bit too subtle for my tastes. I love candles with great throw (though not nauseatingly so). This has a gorgeous scent vaguely reminiscent of Montego Bay from Glasshouse Candles only slightly milder, so if you're a fan of that candle, you will definitely be a fan of this light, refreshing scent. I found this to have the mildest throw out of all three.

I haven't had a chance to try the soy melts yet as my burner is currently out of commission, but judging from the scent of them, I can't wait to burn these!

Tanda Modern candles are priced very affordably ($20 for the small, $30 for the medium and $40 for the large), and have great burn time (30 hours for the small, 50 hours for the medium and a whopping 90 hours for the large), so you're getting great bang for your buck! As my flat doesn't have a fireplace, I love that I can light one of the candles up and enjoy the sound of the wick crackling while reading a book on my lounge.

I'm definitely keen to purchase more scents from the range, with my eye on the two scents I received in the soy melts, and also the Japanese Cherry Blossom! Shop the range here.

What do you think, lovelies, do you like the look (and sound) of these?

Much love,

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Note: These products were kindly provided for my consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Ohh these sound wonderful. Since swapping to soy candles, I'll never go back. They're so much better!!

  2. They sound amazing! Have you burnt any glasshouse candles before? If so, how do they compare as Tahaa is my favourite candle ever but it's so expensive!

    1. I have! Tahaa is my 'favouritest' candle ever! :P

      I agree, GH is pretty expensive. I always want to try more scents but I keep rebuying the same ones because they just smell so good!

      These are definitely a bit more subtle than the Glasshouse ones, but they still smell delicious, and some have got amazing throw! Like the Oak Moss & Amber! Also, they are much more affordable and have fantastic burn time.

  3. These sound beautiful! I love the packaging too.

  4. These are gorgeous lovely! Thanks for introducing me to Tanda, and I love the packaging too X

    Got to love that we're fellow candle-aholics x

    1. My pleasure! And yes, we definitely have an addiction. ;)


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