Thursday, September 4, 2014

Date Night Perfume Ideas, featuring Burberry Body, Ricci Ricci and Roberto Cavalli!

Hi lovelies,

As some of you may know, I have quite a large perfume collection, and I tend to decide on what I'm wearing based on what I'm planning to do. Do you ever find yourself stumped as to what sort of fragrances to wear for special occasions, such as date nights? If so, never fear, I have a few favourites to share that might give you some ideas!

When it comes to date night perfumes, I like to wear light, yet longlasting scents that will last the duration of the date, without having to carry some along to freshen up the scent. The idea is to be low key and not have your date think you had a bath in the scent, but just to have an enticing ribbon of sillage (perfume speak for the trail that's left behind as you walk through an area) reach out to entice his senses every now and then!

Here are some tried and tested favourites I commonly reach for, which not only go the distance, but also get me heaps of compliments along the way!

Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci eau de parfum

I have a weakness for Nina Ricci scents and this has to be my favourite of the lot (which says a lot)! The purple bottle is simply gorgeous, with a lovely design emulating a ribbon built into the top. I classify this as a sweet floral, with top notes of rhubarb, bergamot and moonflower, mid notes of rose and tuberose, and base notes of patchouli and sandalwood. I just repurchased my second bottle of this!

Burberry Body eau de parfum intense

This is a gorgeous faceted bottle with a rose gold lid, which looks incredibly classy. The EDP intense formula gives it incredible longevity. With top notes of peach and freesia, mid notes of rose, iris and sandalwood, and base notes of vanilla, amber and musk; it starts off as a fruity floral that deepens into a sultry, warm scent thanks to the vanilla and musk. I'd suggest shopping around for the best prices; for instance, I saw this one going for a bargain price at the Perfume Clearance Centre!

Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum

Herés another example of a simple, yet stylishly designed bottle with a beautiful tiara lid, something that you'd expect from the talented designer. I would classify this as a warm floral, thanks to the top notes of pink pepper, mid notes of orange blossom and base notes of tonka bean and vanilla.

If you noticed that all three of these were EDPs, it's because these tend to last much longer on the skin due to the composition! You might also like to read a piece I wrote a while ago on how to prolong your scent for as long as possible, which you can check out here.

What do you think of these suggestions, lovelies? Have you tried any of these? Do you have any perfumes you think I should check out?

Much love,

*This post was written in collaboration with The Perfume Clearance Centre.


  1. What beautiful photos of some very lovely perfumes. I have only tried the Burberry one and I loved how it wore throughout the day on me.

    I have started to gather quite a collection of perfumes and also choose depending on the event and mood. If I had to pick an absolute favourite out of my collection it would be Armani Code as it is always the one that gets the most compliments.

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! I really love how long lasting all three of these are! I can still catch the scent after a whole day of wearing it.

      Ah, Armani Code is a great one! It's been a while since I had a sniff of that, I will have to stop by a store soon. :)

  2. Ohhh I love the packaging on the Nina Ricci perfume. It reminds me of Viktor & Rolf's latest perfume.

    1. I'm such a sucker for beautiful bottles...the scent is still the most important thing, of course, but I do appreciate beautiful bottles!

  3. The packaging for Nina Ricci perfume is so pretty! I used to buy perfumes just for the packaging!

    1. I agree, pretty mom! I actually love all the bottles in her line. My first ever perfume purchase was the now-discontinued La Belles de Ricci, I miss that one!


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