Monday, March 19, 2012

Chadstone Runway Fashion Show

Hi lovelies!

Phew, can't believe it's Monday already, where has the time gone? This past weekend was a bit of a blur, I was out every single day and barely at home, which left me NO blogging time whatsoever.

Watched 21 Jump Street (which was really fun), Rum Diaries (which was a bit odd), helped a friend pack for moving house, attended a Priceline seminar and pamper session, shopped for a new dress for a friend's wedding, and attended said wedding and reception! It was a fantastic wedding, let me tell you, the bride looked stunning and it was such a happy affair. :)

Quick warning, this post is going to be quite photo heavy. Last Wednesday, my local shopping centre, Chadstone, had runway fashion show showcasing the latest trends and fashions for autumn, as part of the whole Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and I managed to score a double pass! It was really good fun, as I'd never been to a runway show before and it was delightful to see the models showcasing different looks. They ran through a WHOPPING 90 outfits in 45 minutes, from 7 categories, as listed below:

Sophisticated chic
Botanical prints
Navy and black
Neon brights
Le smoking
The new blazer
Haute hippy, and

It was lovely watching the different looks and the make up was simply stunning. I actually think some of the models were school kids, as we saw them dressed in their school uniforms before the event started.

The make up was basically glowing or matte skin, followed by bright red lipstick and lots of illuminator. Hair was sleek and pulled into a low, tight ponytail, resulting in a very sleek, modern and streamlined look, perfect for autumn/winter!

Anyhow, I grabbed a few happy snaps using my iphone (I really need to start taking my camera everywhere)...some of the photos aren't the best quality as they were moving just so darn fast! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed that, and I do apologise for the many photos, I couldn't pick my favourites. :)

We got a voucher for a makeover at Burberry, so stay tuned for a post on that when I finally book it in one of these days. :)

Much love,


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