Saturday, March 10, 2012

Impulse buy or fated to be?

Hello lovelies,

As we all know, I love perfume! One of the ones I've been lusting after for a while is Lancome's Tresor Midnight Rose, which I first tried last year in November (I think?) and fell completely in love with. But I also tried Burberry Body and was just a wee bit more in love with that, so that's what I ended up buying in the end.

But when I found out that David Jones was doing a Lancome GWP (I wrote about it here), I popped in straight away to have a quick look and was quite amazed by what great value it was. The only downside was I couldn't decide what to buy; the perfume (which I loved, but didn't NEED, and cost about $110 as they were out of the smaller 30 ml size), a mascara (I'm a big fan of all Lancome mascaras, but at about $55 they are a bit of a luxury buy, plus I'd have had to get something else to make up the minimum spend of $70), or maybe a lipstick (which I definitely didn't need, given the thirty or so lippies I have lying around my flat, but probably would've gotten lots of use out of)...The trouble is, I love Lancome products, but I've been trying to be a bit better about spending (note, I said trying, not succeeding), so I ended up convincing myself that I didn't need it and left.

However, I was browsing with my friend today after work, and we decided to stop by to ask when the promotion was ending, only to be told it was today (i.e. the 10th of March)! So we asked her for the 30 ml perfume, which we both liked, and it just so happens that she had the last two bottles in stock (apparently they completely sold out due to the GWP, but a new shipment had just come in yesterday, and by chance, there were two bottles in it!), so we decided it was fate and we each got one (together with the fab GWP, of course)! I did feel a bit bad about it, seeing as it's rent week and I really should be watching my spending, but, it was such a great deal, how could I resist? And to have it all fall in place at the last minute with the last 2 bottles available, after a spectacularly bad week at work, was like a sign that it was just meant to be! All in all, it wasn't a bad investment at all, I managed to get a perfume I really wanted for $79, plus a great GWP containing 7 products!

Here's a photo of my Lancome GWP haul!

The salesperson did add that the promotion 'may' run until all stocks are sold out, so you might still have time to get one if you want. Otherwise, don't lose heart, I hear Myer will be doing a similar GWP promotion in May, so we'll have to wait and see what comes out. Between you and me, though, I think David Jones usually has better GWPs than Myer does.

Last but not least, I shall leave you with a photo of some Revlon false lashes I won in a competition! Such a generous prize! Completely thrilled and can't wait to try them out, I think I'm going to be completely set for lashes for the next year!

What did you think of this GWP? Are you thinking of getting one? Have you ever splurged out on something you didn't quite need just to get a great GWP?



  1. It's an absolutely gorgeous GWP and it's so funny when things work out like that. The eye shadow palette is divine!

    I love the look of your Revlon winnings too, well done xx

  2. Those eyelashes look amazing although I never have the patience to put them on.

    As someone who rarely shops at myer and DJ's for products, I always miss out. But that's ok, I really don't need more stuff!

  3. I say it's fate! I'm such a sucker for GWPs it's not even funny!!

    I didn't enter that comp, I've never worn fake eyelashes before and think I'd be too unco for them, so thought I'd leave it to other beauties :)


  4. That palette looks enticing, hurrah for GWP! My favourite GWP is the ones that Revlon do, they always give you several full-sized products if you spend $40 or more.

  5. Ingrid, thank you, darling! I think the shadow palette might be better suited for someone more cool toned but I'm sure I'll get some use out of it anyway. ;)

    MissV, I'm finding applying falsies so much easier now using the WASP applicator than I did before, so I'm actually rocking them quite often now! I wrote about it here -

    MsJelena, any excuse will do so I will gladly accept your suggestion that it is definitely fate! I love wearing falsies so I was quite keen, but I didn't think I'd actually stand a chance winning!

    Sleepandwater, you are so right, they have excellent GWPs! Did you know they are doing one now at DJ? I have put up a post on it.


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