Friday, March 2, 2012

My Euro Haul!

Hey lovelies,

Is everyone doing well today, the first day of autumn? Gosh, this year is speeding by, isn't it?

So a few weeks ago I had some cousins and an aunt who trotted off to Europe for a wee bit so I asked them to do a bit of duty free shopping for me, and wow, can I just say that the salespeople in Britain/duty free/Geneva are way more generous than their Australian counterparts seem to be?

I basically stocked up on my usual Holy Grail (HG) products, but I also picked up one or two extras. I had asked my aunt to ask the salespeople for samples but this surpassed even my expectations!

Here's what I got.

Shu Uemura: My cleansing oil in 'fresh' (I bought the last one in January and I'm already halfway through it) and the long lusted for lash curler! And I received a BUMPER 15 samples of cleansing oil, cream, serum and moisturiser.

Shu Uemura stash.

Clinique: Two chubby sticks in Fuller Fig and Mega Melon (I bought Fuller Fig in January as well and I finished it halfway through February)! I don't think I've finished a lipstick/gloss that quickly before. And I received a cute sample pack of the 3 step system, 2 samples of laser wear cream, and an eye cream sample.

Clinique stash.

Lancome: Oscillation powerbooster (lash primer, apparently they're phasing this out *sob*). And they gave me a sample of the new foundation, Tresor Midnight Rose (which I LOVE), and Vissionaire sample.

Lancome stash.

And some miscellaneous goodies:

MAC: Paint Pot in 'Painterly'. I've been dying to get my hands on this for ages! Can't wait to try putting some coloured shadow on tomorrow!

Painterly paint pot.

Australis Eyebrow Kit: I really wanted a little palette with a wax and I heard this was a really good one, so I searched EVERYWHERE for it and finally found it at BigW (it's a limited edition gift with purchase, and it was sold out everywhere else) only to find it wouldn't scan through! So they told me to come back the next day once they had a chance to discuss it with their manager. They rang me back the next day and agreed to sell it to me for $5! What a bargain, I snapped it up quick smart!

This is adorable, with two powders, brow wax,
a dual brush (which I won't use) and mini tweezers.

And last but not least, a geranium and rose shower gel which was a gift, together with some imported Kit Kat chocolates from the UK! All in all, I think it was a great haul and I'm so happy to get stuck into creating some new looks! :)

What did you think of my HG haul? I've been lusting after some of these products for so long, it's just so satisfying to get my hands on them at last! Have you used and do you like any of them? I'll be doing some reviews soon!

Much love,


  1. Ohhhh what an amazing haul!!! It will be interesting to see what sample products you end up loving and buy in the future!

    What nail polish are you wearing? It looks gorgeous! :)

  2. the compact is so cute, and having a tweezer in there is such a good idea! there are so many times i'm out and i see a mirror and see an annoying eyebrow hair lol

  3. Amy, I'm wearing Eclipse 611!

    Pop Champagne, yes it is, comes in very handy.

    V, indeed! So generous!

  4. Looks like a wonderful combination of purchases and samples:) I didn't have time at two airports to ask for samples but in Sydney I got a 5ml sample of the new brightening serum from Bobbi Brown so I am happy about that. The Shu Umera lady must have been very generous though, it's great to see. She obviously recognised you (through your auntie) as a fan xx

  5. Ingrid, yes, very generous indeed!

    Oh, glad you managed to get a sample you loved! Did you buy anything good from duty free?

  6. The Australis brow kit has gone extinct, but Face Of Australia do a really similar one...I might have to give it a go.


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