Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Lust Have It box!

Hey lovelies!

I'm updating from my iPhone so the formatting is going to be a bit crazy till I get home and fix it.

Happy Women's Day! I hope everyone is doing well. In case you didn't know, International Women's Day is globally celebrated on the 8th of March, celebrating economic, political and social achievements of women. It's even a national holiday in some places, I think it's great that some countries allow a public holiday in light of women's contributions to society! Are you doing anything to celebrate? I won't really be doing much but I still think it's a lovely effort.

In other, beauty oriented Lust Have It box just arrived this morning! In case you've been reading my blog regularly and thought I'd mentioned dropping LHI as an opportunity to use some of my older samples, don't fret, you're haven't lost your mind as I had dropped it. Except, I saw a teaser a few days ago on their Facebook wall about there being a Karpati Dito polish in this box, and I have been lusting after one for over a year, so I swallowed my pride and resubscribed! So much for that, I only lasted 2 weeks 'dropping' them! This totally brings substance to my theory that no sooner do I drop a subscription when the next box would've been absolutely fabulous, driving me insane with 'box envy'!

Anyhow, I have to say this box is completely awesome and I am so very glad I renewed my subscription. As usual with LHI, everyone received the same items, with the only variation being the colour of the products received. Here's what I received in mine:

Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil (full size)

Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow palette (full size).
[Everyone gets a different colour, and mine was Bora Pearls. Not sure why I seem to be receiving lots of blue shadow lately but can't complain as I'm currently on a colour kick anyway. :D ]

Karpati Dito nail lacquer (full size)
[Again, everyone gets a different colour and mine was #20, Charismatic, a shimmery purple]

1Skin Solutions lip balm in vanilla (full size)
[This smells unbelievably good!!]

Replenishing Moisture Cream from Kosmea (deluxe sample)

And on to photos:

This is how it arrived.

Pricing card

The goodies! I wasn't sure where to start lol..

L-R: Mirenesse eyeshadow, Davroe argan oil, 1Skin lip balm,
Karpati Dito polish and Kosmea moisturiser.

Does anyone else find that the lid of their
polish doesn't fit properly?

The colours I got.

I was so pleased with the contents of this box, I'm always happy to try new hair products and I quite like argan oil so it will be interesting to see how this compared to the Babyliss argan oil I'm currently using. I'm THRILLED to finally get the Karpati Dito polish since first reading about it over a year ago, and I'm also very happy to receive the Mirenesse shadow palette as I was just looking at it last night on their website. I'm a lip balm addict so a new one will never go astray (although I have to confess I am building up quite a good stockpile of new ones that I refuse to touch until I've finished the multitude of open ones I have lying around everywhere) and the replenishing moisture cream from Kosmea looks interesting as I love Kosmea products. The only (slight) downside is the lid on my polish doesn't quite close properly, so I am a bit concerned that the polish will dry out after a while. Did anyone else have this problem?

VERDICT: Delighted with this box, I absolutely loved it!!! (Yes, I love it so much it deserved 3 exclamation marks). I have to say this box really made up for the last couple of boxes, which I found a bit uninteresting. I do realise that not every box will be to everyone's personal taste but the blend of products in the last couple of boxes was just uninspiring! This box, however, is the perfect blend of skincare, hair care, nail polish and make up, so I imagine most beauty lovers will find at least one thing about it that they like. Here's hoping there'll be many more boxes like this to come!

Did you receive this month's LHI box, and if so, what did you think of it? If you did, drop me a comment to tell me which colours you got for the shadow palette and the polish (and a blog link if you have one), as I love a good stickybeak! :)

Much love,


  1. oh wow your box is awesome!! its stuff i would use.. lets see what i get in glossybox lol

  2. I received mine today too, and really like it. I'm going to have to put off starting my argan oil as I'm in the midst of a Matrix trial. I received 'Keshi Pearls' as my mirenesse eyeshadow (I think it will be nice for work or going out as its reasonably neutral but could make a nice smoky eye too. The nailpolish I received was rose champagne - it feels like a little trip back to the eighties as its a bright pink with a bluish shimmer. Not sure its a good colour for me but I have it on my thumb at the moment while I decide. lid is fine on my nail polish.

  3. Hey hun, my lid was a bit weird too. It doesn't close properly too :( My lid actually broke (the plastic part on the inside) which is a shame.

    Your colours are gorgeous!!

  4. You did really well hun, I haven't seen a nail polish design like that before. Great colours too of course;) Maybe they are showering everyone lip balm because it's quite cheap but can still be considered a "full-size" product? I know that lip balm sales will go down because we won't need to go shopping for a while that's for sure...XX

  5. So pleased with this box too!
    I got the same eyeshadow: Bora Pearls, and the Intrique polish.. it's sort of a rich burgandy colour with a tinge of Mahogany... very lovely if I could just use it nicely.
    My lid seems to be on OK.. it isn't skew like yours looks, but it does still look a tad 'wonky' in that there are gaps on the edges.

    My Argan oil seems to have oozed as there is an oily residue on the other packaging.
    Just waiting for next weeks GB so I can be let down after this brilliant box :)
    So much more satisfying I think that everyone gets the same selection if not colours... there is no way you can feel ripped off compared to someone elses. The variation in my last months box brand was very upsetting.


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