Monday, March 26, 2012


Hello lovelies!

Apparently nothing inspires creativity more than a trip to the dentist...?! Don't worry, there was no 'happy gas' involved...I just felt like having a bit of a play around when I got home (seeing as a half numb mouth isn't really conducive to dinner, and all that), so I thought I'd try to come up with a colourful eye look! I used my Beauty UK Soho Bright palette for this. I'm totally loving my Beauty UK palettes, they are so pigmented and the colours are just stunning. This is especially remarkable given how affordable the palettes are!

Taken from the Beauty UK website.

I used the pale, frosty blue in the inner eyes, the pale green in the middle of the eye and the pink on the outer corner. I'd actually wear this look's colourful, yes, but with eyes open, it actually looks more like a coloured liner.

Do let me know what you think, won't you? :)

Much love,


  1. Simply stunning Coconal! I love the colour change, absolutely beautiful!

  2. well blended, god that palette looks amazing

  3. Pretty!!
    I love that you're so adventurous with your make up! I'm going to have to start trying out new looks I think!

  4. Wow that looks great!! I wish I was as adventurous! XO

  5. I love love love it. It sort of reminds me of a nice peacock so I am sure Katy Perry would approve too. You have inspired me to try something new again, I usually mix a couple of colours (unless it's neutrals) but I haven't done three yet. xx

  6. Stunning as always, Coconal!! Love your EOTDs! x

  7. Ladies, you are all too kind, thank you so much!

    Ingrid, I usually mix a couple of colours too, but every once in a while I get inspired to do something different. :)


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