Tuesday, March 6, 2012

EOTD - Nude Monday

Hello lovelies!

I just wanted to show you the look I wore to work today. It's quite subtle so it should work very well for most office environments, and you can always add a little black eyeliner underneath or smudge in some darker shadow for a smokey eye, if you're planning on going out after work.

I actually added the aubergine shadow underneath the eye when I got home from work just to see how it would look, it's actually quite pretty in real life but it appears a bit paler in the photos! I think my mistake in this EOTD was I made the under eye liner a bit too thick, it would've been prettier if it had been thinner. Oh well, things to note for next time!

I did this with a matte bone shadow over the entire eyelid (over MAC Painterly, of course), and then smudged a little aubergine into the crease to contour. Finished off with some liquid liner and mascara and I was done! Please ignore the stick straight lashes, I'm trying out a new mascara (Australis Killer Curves, review coming soon) and today I was experimenting with it without using my lash curler first to see how good the curling effect was.

(How odd, I just noticed that the liquid liner is reflecting in the light from the flash and looking like an uneven application, but I guarantee it looked normal and even in real life! And do ignore the undereye circles/bags, will you? I really need to be getting more beauty sleep)!

Much love,


  1. Beautiful! Love how you have added the aubergine shade along the lower lid. The eyeliner is perfect, looks even and very skillfully applied :)

  2. oh how i wish i could be bothered doing my make up all nice for work!
    The aubergine looks really good!
    ok, that's it, i'm going to make more of an effort from now on!!

  3. That looks great! I love how simple but pretty it is. Perfect for a work day

  4. such a lovely look for work! I dont even use make up to work anymore, cannot get any lazier than i am lol

  5. You are all too kind, ladies!

    Well, sad as it sounds to admit it, doing my make up really is the only thing that excites me about getting ready to go to work. :P

  6. Beautiful makeup. I don't ever use an eye lash curler, I should probably get to it:) xx

  7. Hi hon! ... just leaving this here and coming back to you after rush hour :D
    *mwah mwah* you're a darlin'!!!


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