Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March I Love This Box Review!

Hello lovelies!

It was truly a case of deliveries overload this morning when I received my March Bellabox, March ILTB, and my Essie polish shipment from OzSales (which I had purchased about a month ago, but with free shipping I'm not at all bothered about the delay)! Very exciting indeed, what is that they say...when it rains, it pours?

Anyhow, I was quite excited to dig into each of my little shipments, but then I had to chuck it all aside and dash out of the office for a site inspection. So I only actually got the chance to sit down and digest what was inside each box just a couple of minutes ago. As it's been a terribly long day and tomorrow will also be a long day, I'm only going to be able to do one review today, so I've chosen the ILTB as I'm far more excited about its contents. :)

So here's what I received in my gorgeous, autumn themed ILTB:

Essie nail polish mini in 'Ladylike' (this is a gorgeous beige/taupe polish that I'm totally loving, from their autumn collection)

Maybelline XXL ProCurl (full sized)

Sunsilk Co-creations straight, detangling mist (full-sized, you might have received the weather protection and shine serum instead of this)

Thalgo soft hydrating emulsion sample

Glitter puff wand

Here are some photos: 

LOVE the purple theme! :)

(Click to see pricing)

March ILTB goodies.

L-R: Glitter puff, Thalgo moisturiser, Maybelline XXL ProCurl mascara,
Sunsilk detangling mist, and Essie 'Ladylike' nail polish.

With three of the samples being full sized, I think ILTB has spoilt us terribly yet again!

When I first read the card, my first thought was, 'I hope I get the detangling spray', and sure enough, that's what I got! I'm really excited to try it. At the moment, I'm using the detangling spray I got in my February Lust Have It box, so I'd really like to have something to compare it to. I'm also really keen to try the mascara as I'm currently having a love-hate relationship with my extremely stiff lashes, and curling is JUST the thing I am looking for! Love Maybelline mascaras and I was just wishing I had a 'cheap' primer for every day use just the other day (instead of using my Lancome oscillation booster all the time).

Being the polish addict that I am, I was thrilled to see another Essie polish in the box (we've also received one previously) but this one is really apt as it's from the autumn collection, and I LOVE it! It's a pretty, pale taupe/beige colour and I've already swatched it on my's love at first sight. Look out for a NOTD coming soon!

Last but not least, I will be quite happy to use the glitter wand the next time I go out somewhere nice, it looks so cute and dainty. The product I'm probably least excited about is the Thalgo moisturiser, but that's because my skin can be quite sensitive, particularly to moisturiser, and I don't want to break out. But I think I might actually give this a go on my decolletage or something as it looks pretty good!

VERDICT? Another box that I absolutely adored, and I think this one is fabulous as I really liked four of the five products in it! Cannot stress how lovely it is to have a box that consistently delivers lovely new goodies to tuck into, unlike some competitor boxes which have fluctuated from month to month. They have also launched their online store now, which means it will be even easier to get the goodies they bring to us (particularly the imported ones which are only available overseas, like the Rimmel gloss duo from the February box). I have been asked many times which box I recommend, and ILTB is definitely one of my top recommendations, as they are reliable, trustworthy, pleasant (every time I've emailed with a customer service inquiry) and they deliver top notch goodies every month without issues. I also love that every subscriber receives the same goodies for the most part, so no one ever has to suffer box envy unduly.

Did you get this box? If so, what colour and which Sunsilk item did you receive?

I leave you with a quick photo of the Essie polishes I ordered. They were on sale for $5 each, with free shipping, so I couldn't resist! Clearly I was in a pink mood that day? I've already put 'Flawless' (the one on the left) on, and I'll be posting some EOTD photos tomorrow. It's so pretty!

L-R: Flawless, Fiesta and Luscious Lips.

Much love,


  1. Serum here (which is great for me, i straightened my hair the other day using it and it didn't look greasy, it held the frizzys down, and generally was great), and the essie nail polish in Power Clutch (a slate grey colour). Oh, and a green glitter puff (which my 3 y/o daughter claimed and then spent the afternoon making everyone and everything in the house sparkle)

  2. I got the same as you, the same coloured polish and puff. I really needed a detangling mist. Love this months box as usual.

  3. This looks like a fab box and the Essie polish is definitely a winner xx

  4. I got this box sent to my sister and she got a dark maroon coloured nail polish, the serum for her hair and i think a purply-pink puff.

    She said the 'sheer cream thing' seemed expensive and smelt good... she must mean the Thalgo moisturiser.

  5. I just got my box and love it, I got the same polish its such a nice shade!

  6. I got mine on Monday and haven't given it a good look. I received exactly the same except I received a silver polish (i think, i can't remmeber). Was very happy with the box!

  7. I like that we all get more or less the same items...I think consistency is important so we don't get box envy!


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